The Winner of Young Superheroes 2019: Shalini Chauhan

Shalini is 19 years old and fights for gender equality and inclusion in society. Her family has been through many hardships, but she has fought her way forward and is now an advocate for children’s rights.

In 2014 she joined Block Level Children Federation, who fight for equality. She is a member of the National Youth Advisory Panel, and often travels to villages to talk about how they can improve their lives, as well as focusing on their hygiene. She talks about these topics through youth groups that she organizes in these villages. She encourages parents to motivate their daughters to go to school regularly.

She has helped 237 children with obtaining a birth certificate, hindered 17 child marriages, and helped 17 children to attend school. Shalini fights to implement an institution that works against child marriage in her region since there is no such institution present at the moment. She has also encouraged villages to plant trees, and has planted about 1000 trees herself!

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