Finally, here are the three finalists who can win
Young Superheroes 2019!

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Alamgir Kabir, 17 years old

Alamgir is is 17 years old. He is an advocate for gender equality, as well as for people with disabilities. His passion lies in working with youth, and removing the barriers for equality.

He founded Gashful, an organization that works with ending child marriage by creating a dialogue with the authorities, and informing children of their rights. They have already managed to hinder the weddings of 37 children! Alamgir’s goal is to create a safe space for youth, and to give children and youth a voice. He is also a Panel Member for Plan International’s National Youth Advisory in Bangladesh.

Since Alamgir knows what it is like to live with a disability, he is certain that he can make powerful changes in his local community.

Shalini Chauhan, 19 years old

Shalini is 19 years old and fights for gender equality, and inclusion in society. Her family has been through many hardships, but she has fought her way forward and is now an advocate for children’s rights.

In 2014 she joined Block Level Children Federation, who fight for equality. She is a member of the National Youth Advisory Panel, and often travels to villages to talk about how they can improve their lives, as well as focusing on their hygiene. She talks about these topics through youth groups that she organizes in these villages. She encourages parents to motivate their daughters to go to school regularly.

She has helped 237 children with obtaining a birth certificate, hindered 17 child marriages, and helped 17 children to attend school. Shalini fights to implement an institution that works against child marriage in her region since there is no such institution present at the moment. She has also encouraged villages to plant trees, and has planted about 1000 trees herself!

Mohamad Al Jounde, 18 years old

Mohamad is 18 years old. Due to the war in Syria he had to flee to Lebanon, and like thousands of other refugees, he did not have access to an education. This was something he wanted to change.

Together with his family, Mohamad ensured that 200 children got access to education through “Gharsah”, a school they built for Syrians in a Lebanese refugee camp.

Mohamad currently lives in Sweden, where he has founded an NGO called “Gharsah Sweden” that raises funds for the school his family built, and that supports immigrants in Sweden.


About the award

Often, adult activists, politicians and celebrities are recognized for their efforts to stop climate change, fight injustice and poverty.

However, the world is also full of young super heroes who save the world - every single day!

PlanUngdom has created the award Young Superheroes to show that youth around the world are engaged in fantastic projects and are full of heroism and creative ideas to make the world a better place. All finalists are young people who have engaged in global issues and contributed to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the rights of children and young people. They have in their own way focused on the situation of young people around the world and have actively worked to improve this.

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