Finally, here are the three finalists who can win
Young Superheroes 2018!

Stem på din favoritt her:

Lila Copeland, 16 years old

Lila works to achieve peace between all species and preserve the earth’s ecological soundness for future generations by revolutionizing into a vegan society to meet the SDGs that includes Zero Hunger, Good Health and Climate Action.

At the age of 11 Lila started Earth Peace and is today the youth director of the organization. Since 2015, Lila has sought to put a vegan meal option into every Los Angeles public school, every day of the school year. In 2016 she kicked off the campaign with Pamela Anderson, and she did install the vegan meals in all LAUSd schools which affects 660,000 students every day.

Lila is now working to get the Congress to understand the urgent need for a move to a plant based society to slow climate change and rescue student health nationwide.




“Fotballkompis” is a project, started by youth from different organizations, with a goal of integrating young refugees through equal links with Norwegian youth. Two football teams were founded in Oslo in 2017 – with Norway Cup in July as a target.

“Fotballkompis” has contributed locally by the social integration of single, minor refugees and multicultural communication. The teammates, both the Norwegian youth and the amazing youth among the minor refugees, have shown tremendous effort to take care of each other – regardless of social background. Through media coverage, they are also working to inspire nationally, so that as many refugees as possible can be integrated into the Norwegian society. In that way, «Fotballkompis» works to meet the SDGs that includes Gender Equality, Peace and Justice.



Muthia Khairunnisa, 17 years old

Muthia is an activist for children’s and girls rights in Indonesia. Since 2nd grade of elementary school, she has worked for a better world with a focus on Quality Education, Good Health and Justice.

In Indonesia, many children have no access to school. Therefore, Muthia advocates for childrens’ education. Despite of her young age, she has successfully written 39 books to motivate young people to work for their rights. Muthia also updates her blog, produces short films and has lectures to inform about various social problems, particularly on sexual abuse of children. Muthia is also active in several organizations working for children’s rights. She is now a national coordinator for Youth Generation of Tobacco Control and try to influence the authorities through her diverse work.



About the award

Often, adult activists, politicians and celebrities are recognized for their efforts to stop climate change, fight injustice and poverty.

However, the world is also full of young super heroes who save the world - every single day!

PlanUngdom has created the award Young Superheroes to show that youth around the world are engaged in fantastic projects and are full of heroism and creative ideas to make the world a better place. All finalists are young people who have engaged in global issues and contributed to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the rights of children and young people. They have in their own way focused on the situation of young people around the world and have actively worked to improve this.

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